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The creative network that helps you grow

Meeting the creative and technological needs of our clients

For over a decade, Alox Global Network LTD
has been delivering high quality services and products to businesses and professionals,
covering everything from marketing and communication services to cloud computing and internet solutions.

Mike C. - CEO & co-founder of Alox Global Network LTD

About us

Alox Global Network | About us

10 years of experience delivering services and products to clients throughout the world.

Alox Global Network | About us
Alox Global Network | Our strategy
Our strategy

The strategy of our group is simple! "Unity is strength". Alox Global Network is a worldwide network of professionals and experts representing all areas of computer, cloud and digital technologies

Alox Global Network | Global presence
Global presence

Over the past 10 years, Alox Global Network has developed partnerships with web agencies and computer experts on every continent, allowing us to always be closer to our customers, no matter where they are.

Alox Global Network | State of the art technology
State of the art technology

Our data centers are among the most technologically advanced in Europe. We are proud of the quality, safety and reliability of our services, which makes us the ideal partner for businesses and professionals.

Alox Global Network | Dedicated to our clients
100% dedicated to our clients

Our dedication to our customers is unmatched. We make sure that the needs of each client are handled with the highest level of professionalism, ensuring that the solutions we offer always match their needs.

Partner of major brands

Acer Asus Dell Epson HP HPE Lenovo Microsoft

Technological innovations
designed to inspire

Our brands

Alox Global Network | Our brands

Discover the brands we created to better serve our customers worldwide.

Alox Net is the flagship of our group. It's the first brand of Alox Global Network LTD, Alox Net offers the services and products of our group worldwide.

Alox France is the French branch of Alox Global Network LTD. Alox France offers dedicated services and products to French-speaking customers based in Europe.

Alox Mundo is the Hispanic branch of Alox Global Network LTD. Alox Mundo specializes in the sale of digital services and products throughout South America.

"Getting Ever closer to our customers"

Alox Global Network | Our brands
Alox Global Network | Our stores
Our stores

In order to be closer to our customers, since 2015, our group has started to open specialized shops in computer and digital communication, where our customers can come and discover our wide range of products and services.

Alox Global Network | Our agencies
Our agencies

Our agencies are privileged meeting places where our corporate clients can come and meet our teams of experts to discuss communication, digital development and IT solutions.

Alox Global Network | Our consultants
Our consultants

Our teams of expert consultants are always available to answer our clients' questions, help them and accompany them throughout their development and digital communication projects.

Alox Global Network | Our guarantees
Our guarantees

Entrusting the technological and digital evolution of your company to Alox Global Network is the guarantee of a high quality service for all your projects. The requests of our customers are always treated with the greatest level of professionalism.


Our services

Alox Global Network | Our services

When creativity and development is paired with state-of-the-art technology.

Alox Global Network LTD

Fresh thinking

Fresh, beautiful and user friendly... Our creative team will come up with the best solutions for our client's creative needs, from advertising campaign and visual identity, to creating beautiful websites.

Alox Global Network LTD

Expert development

Our team of expert developers are able to respond quickly to our clients needs, from encoding beautiful responsive websites to developing applications for desktop, tablets and smartphones.

Alox Global Network LTD

Cloud Technology

Cloud technology and state-of-the-art data centers keeps our clients always stay connected. Our hosting platform build entirely on an architecture provided by Dell offers performance and reliability.

"High quality creative and technological services"

Alox Global Network | Our services
Alox Global Network | Graphics & design
Graphics & design

We specialize in corporate visual identity and brand design, our creative team can design all the visual concepts our customers need. Our graphics and design services range from logo design to full website creation.

Alox Global Network | Development & programming
Development & programming

Our team of programmers is specialized in the development of applications and websites. We ensure that only the best practices are used to ensure the complete security of all your platforms.

Alox Global Network | Hardware & software
Hardware & software

Since the opening of our computer stores and our repair workshops, we have become one of the most appreciated suppliers of computer hardware and software among professionals and individuals.

Alox Global Network | Cloud computing & Web hosting
Cloud computing & Web hosting

Our cloud solutions offer a wide range of services to businesses and professionals. From web hosting to cloud computing, we ensure that all the digital needs of our customers are fully met.

The perfect union of creativity, development
and state of the art technology.